Monday, 17 March 2014

Interior Home Lighting Precautions

Households didn't seem to know the possible hazards lighting can do if installed and placed improperly and inappropriately. Reading the paragraphs below will enlighten households the importance of proper interior lighting.

Insufficient or excessive lighting can harm our eyes and cause migraines.

There is a common misconception that reading in dim light can damage your eyes. Eyes, in fact, are hardier than that. The absence of light isn't likely to do any permanent damage, nor is reading in too much light. Rather, insufficient or excessive light can cause eyestrain, a problem the Mayo Clinic describes as temporary. Eyestrain manifests itself by way of several symptoms including aching eyes, dry eyes, itching eyes, watering eyes, headaches and/or a sore neck

Insufficient or excessive lighting can result in serious accidents

Dark rooms or rooms with not enough light are conducive to accidents. A simple misstep because of dim light in a long flight of stairs can cause serious injuries. While too much glare coming from a source of light can have a blinding effect which can greatly affect the vision.

Insufficient or excessive lighting can lead to depression and other psychological complications

During winter, because of the absence of the sun, the surroundings look heavy, dull, sad and bleak. Thus the term hibernation is always associated during winter time when people tend to locked up in their rooms and spent the rest of the day laying around and inactivity.

Insufficient or excessive lighting can spoil the beauty of interiors

A perfectly interior decorated room with all of its decors, the colors breath synchronicity and oneness will be futile without a lighting system to accentuate it. As we all know that lighting, no matter how simple it is has the power to create a different look, has the power to turn a dull looking space into a relaxing and cozy one.

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