Monday, 17 March 2014

Headaches and Migraines - A Pain Relieving Guide For Prevention and Cure

If there is one malady that has affected almost every human - it's a headache. Commonly, a headache is a general term for any pain felt in the head. This pain usually arises due to a combination of factors and therefore, it is essential that one understands these factors before looking for a cure. Understanding the origins of a headache or migraine can usually help one in curing and preventing them till a certain extent.
Broadly speaking, there are four categories of headaches -
1.    Myogenic - Muscular headache which arises due to strain and tension in muscles.
2.    Vascular - These are caused due to an unbalanced blood flow near the head or brain. Fever headaches and migraines are common vascular headaches.
3.    Inflammatory - These headaches usually result in a swelling of the head and are caused by allergies such as common cold, flu, etc.
4.    Traction - Such headaches are rare as they are caused when nerve fibres are pulled or stretched. Brain tumours, cysts, aneurysms, etc are common reasons for traction headaches and surgery is necessary for effective treatment.
Migraines - A severe type of Headache
Migraines are a mysterious class of headaches and science advocates a large number of different factors which usually lead to one. A migraine typically consists of other problems such as extreme sensitivity to light or sound (or both), blurry vision, nausea and general bodily discomfort. Though the exact cause of Migraine headaches is still not clear, the general consensus is that they are caused by chemical imbalances in the brain. However, there are several other factors too which lead to migraine problems such as -
·         Dietary, Hormonal or medicinal factors - Irregular eating patterns, certain citrus foods, cheese and even chocolate have been noted to trigger migraine symptoms in sensitive people. Certain people experience such headaches when they are undergoing hormonal changes or when certain medicines react to their natural body processes.
·         Lifestyle or Environmental factors - Watching too much television, listening to loud music consistently, change of place or weather, etc can also lead to severe migraine problems.
Cure for Headaches and Migraine
There are plenty of cures available today that can effectively treat all kinds of headaches (over 200!) and even Migraines. These treatments come in the form of natural therapies such as oil massages, acupuncture techniques and various stress-busting exercises or prescription drugs that are sold over-the-counter. Medicinal pills work best if the pain is mild and not frequent as they provide quick relief.
However, relying on tablets for recurring headaches can be dangerous as they can alleviate strong side-effects. In such cases, relying on natural therapy is advisable as they help in bringing a positive change to one's lifestyle in the long run. Acupuncture is a popular remedy for common headache and migraine issues. It is believed that certain points in the body such as the temple are known for controlling headaches and migraines. Calming these points can instantly cure them.

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