Sunday, 30 March 2014

Who Can Benefit From The Wurn Technique?

Wurn technique is a form of bodywork that specializes in abdominal disorders, infertility, relaxation, and in the relief of body pain. This technique sets its focus and goal in taking care of adhesions that are present all over the body of a client.
The benefits of the technique were first experienced by the Wurn family. Larry and Brenda Wurn are both educated in massage therapy and physical therapy respectively. However, due to the wife's physical problems due to surgeries after surgeries and pelvic radiation, Larry Wurn began to develop natural methods using massage therapy in order to heal and correct the disorders of his wife.
The question of who can benefit from this wonderful technique can be answered with many good answers. Although the technique was developed for the treatment of problems among women, almost anyone can enjoy the therapy especially as a form of relaxation. The female population is usually the client in a Wurn therapy session due to the issues relating to infertility. The problem with fertility is fast becoming a major problem in our societies today due to many factors affecting the conception of a child. Stress, tension, fatigue, accidents and other causes can contribute to the reduced chance of conceiving children among couples. Women are prone to this condition due to the fact that the uterus plays an important role in conception. Any problem in the uterus such as tilted or displaced uterus, poor blood, lymph, and oxygen circulation, problems in the pelvic region, and other conditions in that area can add up to the burden of being able to have children.
Aside from women with fertility issues, mothers can even enjoy the Wurn technique as the methods used in this therapy can help condition the body of a woman. The gentle massage performed on the abdomen and internal organs are vital in providing a good overall condition. The deep massage is conducted as a site-specific therapy that works better in addressing problems in specific areas of the body. This process gives faster results and significant benefits with every session.
Men can also enjoy the benefits and wonderful effects that they can attain from having this therapy in their medical care. It is effective for the prevention of early stage of prostate cancer, and other reproductive diseases and disorders. It can also be enjoyed as a form of relaxing therapy.
Anybody who is suffering from body pains can benefit and gain comfort from the Wurn technique. The therapy is created as a countermeasure against adhesions that can damage any part of the body. These small formations in the tissues can cause massive damage to the body when left untreated. These may result to neck, back, and hip pain, headaches and migraines, painful experience during sexual intercourse among women, digestion disorders, menstrual problems, loose bowels, and other conditions.

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